Web development trends 2023

Irina Sigareva

23 Лютого

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Web development trends 2023

The field of software development is one of the largest in the world. Technologies are our present and future. However, what will be in trend in 2023? What technologies can businesses use to simplify work? What will improve people’s experience with the software? We analyzed the five most important trends, in our opinion. After some time, they will go from trends to the norm, so it is worth starting to study and implement them earlier than competitors.

  Web development trends 2023

Smart devices

Every home now has at least one smart device. It’s a piece of equipment that has some software to turn itself on, do specified actions, and make people’s lives easier. And if it is in domestic use, then it should be in industrial use as well. 

A few years ago, we created internal software for an American door manufacturer, which allowed us to automate work processes. We developed the program so that they can quickly find parts, transfer and sort finished products. 

Also, the Golden Team development group is currently working on its own startup “Golden Gate”. It is a smart device for sports competitions that automatically determines when a person has passed the gate. It allows you to monitor the achievements of athletes, cyclists and other sportsmen in real time. We have a feeling that there will be more such devices in 2023.

Cloud storage  

Cloud storage

We also add the popularization of the work of teams with cloud storage to development trends. Before to create an application or website, you needed to have your own equipment, but now you can “rent” it from another company. 

This possibility allows: 

  • Work faster and better. 
  • Reduce the budget for creating a software, application or website. 
  • Implement any solutions. 

And it also makes the software itself more convenient for the end user. People do not need to install the program, invite a specialist who will set everything up. It is enough to go to the online system, register and immediately use the available functions. 


“Cloud computing is not a new trend. It has existed for several years, but gained momentum during the coronavirus period. They made it possible to study from anywhere on the planet, communicate with relatives online and use all programs on a phone or laptop. In our work, we often use the possibilities of the “cloud”, because they facilitate the development of software.
Maksym Kalin, founder of IT company Golden Team.

Cloud computing is needed by companies regardless of type, size, and industry. The cloud can be used for a variety of purposes: data backup, disaster recovery, software development and testing, big data analysis, email systems, virtual desktops, and customer-facing Internet applications 

Use of artificial intelligence

In January 2023, the artificial intelligence Chat GPT has made a fuss the Internet. Millions of people started writing texts and creating pictures with the help of AI. However, we have been using Siri, Alexa and other assistants for more than 5 years, so this technological trend is not entirely new. 

They can also be used for business. For example, to develop a program for communication with customers, callbacks or response analytics. Such automation will improve the operation of the enterprise, reduce costs, the number of workers, failures and allow finding new development opportunities. Chatbots are the most popular format for using artificial intelligence. You can build in them many chains for communicating with customers and maintaining contact with them.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

PWA is one of the best web development trends of 2023. To put it simply, these are regular websites that look like mobile apps. So, you just click on the icon on your phone and immediately open the site. At the same time, it works independently of the browser. 

The main advantages of progressive web applications: 

  • Reduction of support and development costs. 
  • Quick release of the application to the market. 
  • Easy distribution. 
  • Saving gadget memory. 
  • High speed of operation.
  • Autonomous mode. 
  • Great conversion to engagement. 
  • Easy application maintenance and updates

If your company uses IT technologies for development, PWA will help you become competitive, take your place and improve people’s experience when using your products.

Outsourced development 

Which is better: hiring an outsourced team or having an in-house developer? Some companies believe that it is better to have a full-time employee, because he works only on your project, is always in touch and quickly makes corrections. But what happens when he is sick or on vacation? Work stops and small bugs can spoil months of development. Therefore, cooperation with outsourced teams is more profitable and better in many respects. 

The IT company Golden Team has a group of 40+ specialists from various fields - Devops, FrontEnd, JavaScript specialists, etc. That’s why we can quickly replace one specialist with another and invite another to the project to improve the result of cooperation. 

In order to use trends effectively, you need to understand whether your project and work format need them. Because in practice, we often encounter customers’ misconceptions about IT capabilities, technologies and tools, so we choose completely different solutions for customers and change the format of cooperation.

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