A story from the founder: how did Golden Team appear and how did we develop the IT industry in a Ukrainian city?

Irina Sigareva

27 Березня

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A story from the founder: how did Golden Team appear and how did we develop the IT industry in a Ukrainian city?

Every company has a story, and Golden Team is no exception. We are a Ukrainian IT company that has been existing for 12 years and is engaged in the development of websites, mobile applications and DevOps /DevNet.

A story from the founder

Everything started with...

“Make your hobby your job and you’ll never have to work again” – that’s how the story of the Golden Team began.

Maksym Kalin is the co-founder of the company, he was fond of IT and worked as a programmer at the Zaporizhstal plant in Ukraine. In 2010, the field of information technology began to develop in Zaporizhzhya, and Maksym got a job as a developer in a small company. Since the field is new, many processes in it have “settled”. This became the motivation to create your own business with high-quality, fast, innovative service. In 2011, Maksym and his partners opened the IT company “Golden Team”.

The firm was engaged in mobile applications, websites and system administration. The most popular direction then was mobile applications. More than 10 Android projects were developed per year.

The first works were:

  • “SafeDriver” is a project for the American market that prevents the number of accidents on the roads due to the use of the phone. Its job is to lock the phone if it is used while driving at speeds above 8 mph;
  • “Outminder” is a project for the European market, namely for England. It is designed to help people with short-term memory problems. The application develops a route plan with reminders after a certain period of time, what exactly needs to be done. For example: leave the house, get to the bus stop, get on bus number 5, get out after 15 minutes, go to the store... and so on every step, so that a person does not get lost and does not start to panic. Thanks to this application, people live a full life.

A story from the founder

At the beginning of the work, there were some difficulties: getting a foothold on UpWork and finding customers (the first time they even worked for feedback); quickly learn new technologies to keep up with customer needs and stay on the market. Over time, these problems were solved, and the company began to actively develop. Now the firm’s staff has grown from three people to thirty, and IT services have expanded and improved, taking into account the development of technology. Main services:

  • Web development: turnkey development/pre-development of web applications, source code analysis, optimization, improvement, acceleration.
  • Development of mobile applications for business: to automate business processes and cross-platform applications.
  • System administration of DevOps /DevNet: launch, operation support, deployment, control of system operation.

For 10+ years, we managed to work with clients from Europe, America, Asia and created many useful products. For example, mobile applications/websites for social, economic, medical, cultural development and various entertainment applications.

We always try to develop the app/site in the most correct way (technically and ethically) and in the shortest possible time. Our extensive experience and the trust of our partners are confirmed by the highest rating on UpWork.

A story from the founder 

The life of the Golden Team

From February 24, 2022, Ukrainian business is in difficult conditions. Despite this, Golden Team is trying to develop and take care of the team, customers and the country. Currently, the team is mostly online, everyone is focused on working on projects and helping the country to the upcoming victories.

A story from the founder

The main feature of team relations is complete freedom of speech and choice. We do not have strict rules of subordination. Everyone takes an equal position and can make adjustments to improve the project, develop themselves and the company. Outside the office, we like to spend time actively: we go bowling or cycling. We also take an active part in social projects and the development of the IT sphere in our hometown. For example, students who won the IT Olympiad were congratulated

 A story from the founder

Developing a business during a war is a difficult task. But we do not stop and make plans for the future:

  • to create good working conditions in order to retain the best personnel within the state;
  • to form a culture of project creation, development, programming, code construction;
  • create your product that will be useful for the country;
  • work with industrial/manufacturing businesses.

Honesty is our trump card

The main principles of Golden Team work: honesty, openness, care.

This applies to all communications:

  • With clients

We do not take all projects, but we choose them based on similar values. We are looking for an optimal solution for each problem. We do not complicate the processes and do not increase the execution time in order to earn more. And the most important – we always bring the project to the end, try to achieve the ideal and fulfil all the customer’s requirements.

  • With employees

We create comfortable working conditions for each team member; we select tasks on which he is interested in working, and which provide an opportunity to pump up his skills and grow professionally.

  • With colleagues

We worry about the people who will work on the project after us. Therefore, we do not make it complicated, but write “clean” code that will be convenient to work with.

A story from the founder

Golden Team will further develop business in Ukraine and improve the IT sphere. Namely: to form the image of a strong, modern, technologically advanced country in the world and to attract global clients with high-quality work in order to bring their money to Ukraine.

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