Finances control and competent budget distribution are the keys to the success of any company. Therefore, consider software that will help control all expenses, establish and systematize cash accruals and expenses.

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Custom software development for finance

Do you need e-banking and blockchain solutions or online trading and exchange platforms for fintech companies? If so, order custom software development that would meet the requirements of YOUR company. We help fintech providers, financial data providers, credit associations, brokerage firms, and banks to implement ideas and protect products.

Golden Team specialists develop software with special attention to the security, needs, and regulations of financial technology companies. We help financial enterprises improve software architecture and scale operations. Knowing the specifics of your business, we will develop unique software that will help you automate and simplify many processes.




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Is software development expensive?

Clients often ask: What determines the cost of software development?. We answer that many factors affect the final cost. It is impossible to name it immediately since each project is individual, so the price is not the same.

However, there are several important factors that affect the price:

  • type of solution: it is simple, a business card site will cost less than a large online store
  • functionality: the more functions your product has, the more expensive it is;
  • time: hourly payment for development, so the more hours it takes to develop your product, the more it will cost you;
  • qualifications: of course, the market will always offer a “cheaper” option, but cheap labor is not as effective, which means you risk overpaying.

We recommend that you seek help from trusted developers, and be sure to look at the portfolio of work performed.

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Simon Painter White Forest Media Inc., Canada 🇨🇦

Great developer, thanks for your working.

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