Code review as a service helps prevent memory leaks, critical bugs, and poor software performance. It simplifies and speeds up the IT product development process, saves time and money.

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Code review services

Our team`s code review can reveal common bugs, insufficient synchronization of data streams, potential resource leaks, security issues, and more. We provide AWS code review services, security code review services, building code review services and many more.

Golden Team specialists review the technologies and frameworks used in the project, the list of main functions, general statistics on problems, the main metrics of the code and its quality, architecture, interface. We then provide guidance, which typically includes an explanation of the fixes and improvements, the sequence of changes, and an estimated resolution time. We have extensive experience in finance, medicine, online education, real estate, tourism, retail and others.

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Why you should order from Golden Team

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Deep analysis of the project

We carefully research the business, its needs, goals and objectives in order to offer the best solution for fixing and improving the code.

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Organization of work

We fully undertake the organization of work, process management and responsibility for the result. At this time, you are developing a business.

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Specialized tools

Golden Team has a number of licensed automated tools for early detection of bugs and protection of any vulnerable code.

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Transparency of the process

You always know exactly what we are doing at the moment and what the funds are spent on. We are constantly in touch and report on the stages of work.

Step by step

How Do We Work on Code Review


Determine the project's goals and objectives


Determine the pain points and true needs of your target audience


Identify and analyze opponents


Highlight the uniqueness of your product


Choose a developer and approve the cost for development

What are we doing?

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Customer reviews

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Axel DeAngelis NameBounce LLC

Andrey is the best developer I`ve hired. My web app works much better than it did before he came on board. I am all set with the development for now but am planning on hiring him for a larger project in the future.

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