Another important thing is that client portal software provides a secure space for data sharing. You can find anything there: FAQs, guiding materials, detailed tips, etc. Some client portals include such features as document approval, invoices, and billing tools. All this without the need to go to the company's office, which releases a lot of strain off the customer and the company.

Client portal software ensures enhanced security, easier self-service access, more flexibility, increased file size limitations, and more. It can offer a wide range of extra supporting features depending on the industry's special needs. Besides, many client portal software comes bundled with project management software features, allowing businesses to provide transparency to their customers.

There is a huge variety of client portal software today, and we picked the top 10 in 2021 for you. Let's go!

1. Neologic

We are on a mission to deliver innovative and personalized solutions to aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders

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Neologic is a leading software development company, offering client portal software and many other world-class services. By establishing seamless operations, the company can turn complex, challenging projects into simple and easy-to-use ones.

Neologic applies a rather detailed and customer-centric approach. The working process includes several stages, such as consultation, requirement gathering, logic-embedded prototyping, project delivery, and support and maintenance.

Among the main specific features of Neologic's client portal is that it includes automated tools to accelerate the communication cycle.


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2. SuiteDash

“ALL IN ONE” Business Software Solution

- Starting price - $19/mo

- Free trial – available for 14 days

SuiteDash offers the client portal software that is a fully-integrated cloud-based platform satisfying all the needs of SMBs. It frees business owners from using multiple tools for different business aspects, combining most common tools into one cloud-based software platform, instead. The tools there are already pre-built and ready to be used. 

SuiteDash includes such features as a private chat system, client management, time tracking, and bill generation support. So, this is a nice client portal software that can be used not only for client portal needs but also for file sharing and business management.

3. Boardable

Board Management Simplified

- Starting price - $49/mo

- Free trial – available

Boardable is the client portal software to choose when you want to easily manage your board's documents, meetings, polls, and all of the other assets required to make your nonprofit productive and efficient. Among Boardable clients, there are such nonprofit organizations as the YMCA, the Salvation Army, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.

Its core features include minutes and calendar management, role-based permissions, member directory, document management, electronic signature, etc. By empowering your board with the right tools, you can focus on leading, not just managing.

4. Clinked

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