Meet our team

Golden Team has been developing high-value web and mobile apps since 2010. We focus on the development of complex solutions, that contribute to our clients’ success by becoming leaders in their markets. Golden Team works with startups, established businesses and brands from the US, Canada, the UK, Switzerland, Germany, in the financial services, travel, healthcare & fitness, real estate and transportation sectors.

we are more than just a group of professionals — all of us are individuals with strong view on life and interests beyond IT sphere. We are always ready to share our knowledge, to use our skills and competencies for making up-to-date solutions.

Tell us about your ideas, and we will turn them into effective products. Do not hesitate — contact us right now.

Maksym Kalin alt photoMaksym Kalin top photo

Maksym Kalin

Andrey Kalin alt photoAndrey Kalin top photo

Andrey Kalin

German Polovnikov alt photoGerman Polovnikov top photo

German Polovnikov

Arkady Sladkov alt photoArkady Sladkov top photo

Arkady Sladkov

Dmitry Melnik alt photoDmitry Melnik top photo

Dmitry Melnik

Anton Shataylo alt photoAnton Shataylo top photo

Anton Shataylo

Kseniya Tsypunova alt photoKseniya Tsypunova top photo

Kseniya Tsypunova

Alex Nekrasov alt photoAlex Nekrasov top photo

Alex Nekrasov

Igor Morozov alt photoIgor Morozov top photo

Igor Morozov

Serhii Krushelnitskyi alt photoSerhii Krushelnitskyi top photo

Serhii Krushelnitskyi

Oleg Zernov alt photoOleg Zernov top photo

Oleg Zernov

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Andrey Shashko

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Vladislav Shepelenko

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Sergey Strishko