Express is a framework for Node.js that implements a certain set of features required to build effective applications and APIs. It significantly reduces the code writing time, therefore, the time spent on development.

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Outsourced Express.js services

Our specialists have extensive experience in Node.js development, so they can offer various solutions. Node.js is a JavaScript framework for building innovative, real-time, scalable applications. The asynchronous architecture and block-free operation make Node.js efficient and lightweight. This provides our developers with the tools they need to create useful, attractive, fast, and extremely scalable Node.js applications.

Using the NPM package ecosystem, Golden Team programmers use the most advanced Node.js modules that provide specific server and client tasks to empower your business. We have experience with the most popular Node.js packages, frameworks, libraries and modules.


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Express.js benefits

Express has been used for building software for a long time and has firmly established itself as one of the most popular Node.js frameworks due to its stability.

Let's check the main advantages of this framework:

The framework extends the functionality of Node.js and helps our experts create efficient and fast web applications. Programmers would have to write complex code for each individual function if it wasn't for it.

In terms of data storage, the platform also does not limit programmers - you can connect MongoDB, Redis, SQL, Postgres. All leading technologies are supported, and the developer can choose the one that best suits the project.

Allows you to fine-tune the program according to your needs, adding and removing components as needed. This is how you can create everything from microservices and APIs to full-blown MVC frameworks.

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Ignas Vaitkunskas Interface X, Lithuania 🇱🇹

Reliable, experienced and very detail-oriented developer. Hire Arkady if you want very specific and well throught-through work. However, in situations when you want get-this-done quick with function over code quality, I think another developer would be more suitable.

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