We carry out planned actions to close non-urgent issues or improve and develop the software. We solve urgent problems that hinder the operation of programs and cause downtime, failures, and errors.

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Software maintenance and support services

Golden Team provides professional software maintenance to help our customers modernize and integrate their applications easily.

We provide stability, scalability, high performance and reliable security of IT products. We use the leading and effective software support and maintenance tools - Intellibreeze and Mathworks. We analyze the features of your software and the need for support, develop a detailed service plan. Then we create a team and select the optimal set of tools. The package of software maintenance services includes testing, error correction and ongoing support with an individual approach to each client.

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Why you should order from Golden Team

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Saving time

Delegating application maintenance tasks frees your development team from time-consuming and monotonous routines.

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Specialized experience

For more than 12 years, we have been successfully servicing and developing complex, large-scale software for our clients from all over the world.

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Professional assessment

We help you decide whether you should maintain an outdated system, upgrade it or completely transform the source code.

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Clarity of information

Golden Team support specialists provide you with clear and easy-to-understand explanations for even the most complex questions.

Step by step

How Do We Work on Software Maintenance


Determine the project's goals and objectives


Determine the pain points and true needs of your target audience


Identify and analyze opponents


Highlight the uniqueness of your product


Choose a developer and approve the cost for development

What are we doing?

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Customer reviews

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Axel DeAngelis NameBounce LLC

Andrey is the best developer I`ve hired. My web app works much better than it did before he came on board. I am all set with the development for now but am planning on hiring him for a larger project in the future.

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