QA testing services are a set of tools and measures for checking and controlling the quality of software products. Ensures smooth software operation, minimizes costly post-launch fixes and reputational risks.

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Software testing QA services

Golden Team provides comprehensive QA and software testing services. We create an individual plan for each client so that he gets the maximum benefit from the IT product. We offer various types of verification, including:

  • usability testing for maximum convenience of the program;
  • data testing to ensure completeness, correctness and accuracy of information;
  • API testing to ensure better software compatibility and reduce system weaknesses;
  • mobile and web testing for a good look and performance of applications on all browsers and devices;
  • performance testing to ensure responsiveness and stability of the application even during peak load;
  • functional testing to assess software capabilities;
  • security testing to prevent data leaks and avoid system vulnerabilities.

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Why you should order from Golden Team

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Experience and improvement

We are constantly improving our approach with more than 12 years of tracking and analyzing test cases, common errors and testing performance.

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Speed and security

Our company provides QA testing services using Agile, which allows you to quickly check and fix code, make systems safe and compatible.

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Individual strategy

We create a holistic testing strategy that covers the testing approach, testing types, the best tools for your case, and risk analysis.

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A combination of methods

While QA testing company Golden Team offers to automate most tests, we also understand the value of manual intervention for certain tests.

Step by step

How Do We Work on QA & Testing


Determine the project's goals and objectives


Determine the pain points and true needs of your target audience


Identify and analyze opponents


Highlight the uniqueness of your product


Choose a developer and approve the cost for development

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Axel DeAngelis NameBounce LLC

Andrey is the best developer I`ve hired. My web app works much better than it did before he came on board. I am all set with the development for now but am planning on hiring him for a larger project in the future.

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