Since 2011, we have been developing individual corporate software solutions for companies. We create from scratch, modernize outdated ones, integrate different ones into a single system. We automate business, solve complex problems.

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Corporate software development services

Golden Team specialists develop stable, fast mobile and web applications for:

  • automation of work processes;
  • optimization of supply chains;
  • improving customer relationship management;
  • integration with existing infrastructure;
  • productivity improvement;
  • improvement of accounting and reporting;
  • data management;
  • profit growth, etc.

We make the most of advanced technologies such as big data processing and moving business to the cloud. It provides almost infinite scalability, high processing speed and end-to-end security, and centralizes access to data. The software developed by us has already taken companies from various industries to a new level: health care, finance, e-commerce, transport and logistics, tourism, real estate, and others.

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Step by step

How Do We Work on Software Development


Determine the project's goals and objectives


Determine the pain points and true needs of your target audience


Identify and analyze opponents


Highlight the uniqueness of your product


Choose a developer and approve the cost for development

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Advantages of custom enterprise software development

The development of corporate software contributes to the rapid development of your business, increases its efficiency and profits. Automation of internal processes increases the level of productivity and management. And it also minimizes the number of mistakes that can cost the company dearly and damage the reputation.

Why should you contact the enterprise software development company Golden Team:

  • flexibility: we take into account that your tasks can quickly change or be added - and we quickly adjust the process to them;
  • we choose the right, optimal automation tools for you;
  • we use the most modern security protocols;
  • we rationally use the budget and offer only the necessary functions and tools;
  • you receive a product adapted to the specific features and needs of the enterprise;
  • after launch, we help to continuously develop your program.

What are we doing?

Our portfolio

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Customer reviews

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Axel DeAngelis NameBounce LLC

Andrey is the best developer I`ve hired. My web app works much better than it did before he came on board. I am all set with the development for now but am planning on hiring him for a larger project in the future.

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