Since 2011, we have been successfully creating desktop cross-platform applications for businesses. They are equally convenient and fast on computers with different operating systems.

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Cross-platform desktop application development service

Golden Team helps you cut time and costs almost in half with cross-platform development. And your program works stably and reliably on all popular desktop operating systems. There is a wide variety of cross-platform desktop programs - the choice depends on the industry and business tasks. For example, it can be IT solutions for:

  • management of enterprise processes or resources (CRM, ERP and the like);
  • employee productivity (organization of audio and video conferences, time tracking, joint work);
  • financial accounting and reporting;
  • industrial automation;
  • protection and security of the enterprise;
  • work with images, audio and video;
  • service purposes (browsers, plug-ins, utilities).

We help you choose the best solution for you.

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Step by step

How Do We Work on Desktop Applications


Determine the project's goals and objectives


Determine the pain points and true needs of your target audience


Identify and analyze opponents


Highlight the uniqueness of your product


Choose a developer and approve the cost for development

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Advantages of cross-platform desktop development and why you should order it from Golden Team

Cross-platform desktop applications save businesses time and money on software development and post-release support. And in the case of developing products for external consumption, they expand the audience to the maximum.

Why should you contact Golden Team, a cross-platform desktop application development company:

  • 12+ years of experience creating desktop cross-platform software for small and large companies in various fields;
  • we have a set of proven and successful IT solutions for automation and scaling;
  • we offer only the necessary tools and program elements;
  • you get a convenient and understandable interface, a rich functionality of an IT solution;
  • we work quickly to achieve your goals;
  • after launch, we support and help develop the application.

What are we doing?

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Axel DeAngelis NameBounce LLC

Andrey is the best developer I`ve hired. My web app works much better than it did before he came on board. I am all set with the development for now but am planning on hiring him for a larger project in the future.

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